Vatsala Dorairajan Permanently Curious


Hello, I am an aspiring full stack engineer from India, and have been working since 2008.

So far, I have worked with PHP(2008-2009),Java(2009-2013),Adobe Flex(2009-2011), Python(hobby projects), Javascript(Backbone.js mostly)(all along so far), Ruby-Rails(2014-). My detailed LinkedIn resume.

My passions (other than tech) include teaching, sanskrit, speaking in as many indian languages as possible,crafts,singing, and anything that involves team work. I am also deeply rooted in ancient Indian philosophies.

You can know more about me through my blogs -

Eclectic Rant is where I record my thoughts, opinions, experiences and travelogues. Since time I have been married, I have developed a new interest in financial literacy, and wealth creation through investments. So some of those notes find their way there as well.

My tech blog is an attempt to try and give answers to those questions for which I couldnt find an answer in google search. This, I feel, is a small contribution from my side to the community. Learners and beginners will particularly find this content useful as it is a record of my hands on experiences.

You can connect with me on facebook here - Please make sure to add an introductory note, as I prefer to connect with people over specific interests.

Thanks for reading!